Are You Frustrated, Fed Up, & Stressed with How You Are Feeling?

Tired of Trying Everying & Being Told It's Normal To Feel Like This?

Ready to Get Your Life Back?

I'm teaching you how with the

Beyond Breathing

A 60 Minute Masterclass

Gone are the days of feeling miserable, not being able to bend over to load the dishwasher or wash your face, worrying about sneezing or jumping, stopping your exercise class, tennis matches, or runs, or wondering which exercises are best for you.

This doesn't have to be your life any more! Let's create an USTOPPABLE core!

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Does This Sound Familiar?

Are you tired of:

Peeing your pants when you sneeze, run, jump, or cough?

Fearing everytime you bend over, move, or squat?

Struggling with nagging back, hip, or tailbone pain?

Stressed & completely overwhelmed with restless nights?

Resting & avoiding the activities you LOVE for fear of leaks, pains, or pressure?

Seeing multiple doctors & spending lots of $$$ trying to feel better?

Are You CONFUSED & OVERWHELMED by all the conflicting information out there?

Beyond Breathing Masterclass is designed to help you

Take back control by:

Learning the missing link to your pelvic floor & core- NO more kegels

Relaxing & easing pelvic floor tension so that you enjoy the activities you LOVE.

Learning lasting ways to alleviate back, hip, knee, or pelvic pain.

Increasing bladder control so that you don't have to worry how far away the bathroom is or what color leggings you are wearing.

Find hope & gain confidence in your body, so that you can bend, lift, play with your kids, or get back to your activies all without fear.

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Here's What Inside

60 Minute Training

Where I will Teach You the #1 KEY step in creating an unstoppable core to ease pains, stop leaks, & get back to the activities you love with actionable steps to manage stress!

Breathing Masterclass to take back control includes:

1 x 60 minute workshop

The Missing Link to your Pelvic Floor & Core

Breathing techniques to take back control

Pelvic floor strengthening & relaxation...without kegels

Leave with specific skills that will easily fit into your daily routine to have you feeling & moving better

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Watch When works best for you!

Learn the missing link to your pelvic floor for real results. If you are frustrated with seeing all of the doctors, doing exercise after exercise, being told to rest more then you are in the right place. I am teaching you the #1 strategy to start building a strong core & pelvic floor to take back control.

Ready to Learn Specific Skills to Transform Your Core?

Your Investment to Take Back Control

= $25

Beyond Breathing

Masterclass to take back control includes:

1 x 60 minute workshop

Breathing techniques for real results

Exercises to improve breathing & ease pelvic tension

Pelvic floor strengthening without kegels

Leave with specific strategies that will easily fit into your daily routine to have you feeling & moving better

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Want Results Like This?

What They Are Saying!

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Hi, I'm Dr. Melissa

Doctor of Physical Therapy & Yoga Teacher

I have my Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy and specialize in orthopedics and pelvic health. I have been blending yoga and PT to help individuals build a solid foundation by learning how to move for optimal performance. I founded MSUNN Yoga + Wellness, a mobile and virtual concierge physical therapy + wellness practice focusing on helping people relieve pain, increase strength, and gain mobility to do what they love without limitations.

I am totally obsessed with anatomy, biomechanics, ergonomics, and all things wellness. I loves problem solving to help individuals move better and feel better by building a strong core that goes way beyond abs and kegels.

I'm also obsessed with chai lattes & chips, a yoga pants lover, and love getting outside.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've tried doctors, physical therapist, and exercises in past with no change. Will this help me?

Many of the clients I work with have seen all types of providers with some to no change. However, they never address these specific changes with breathing and posture to make long lasting impact.

I am new to fitness or have tried exercises in past with pain. Is this for me?

Yes! Modifications for all levels. Learn how your body wants to make to avoid pain.

How long do I have access to the replay?

1 Week to Watch the Replay.

Will I need equipment for the classes?

Not need, but would enhance your practice. To enhance practice: yoga blocks, tennis balls (I love RAD recovery rounds).



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